Patented, strong and versatile construction system

Strong, Reusable metal frame structures

The Perfoframe system is the result of thoughtful innovation aimed at providing exceptional solutions in the building and construction industry. Our system is designed to meet the unique requirements of modern construction projects.

Industrial Strength

Chemical and weather resistant

Unlimited possibilities

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strong metal structures with Perfoframe

Perfoframe is a patented construction system that enables strong, reusable metal frame structures.
The combination of specific perforations in the tubes with the specially developed Connecting Block and Connecting Nut gives Perfoframe a wide range of connection and mounting possibilities.

The extensive selection of accessories and customization options make Perfoframe an extremely versatile and universally applicable system that you can go either way with.

Perfoframe is suitable for your construction needs as well. 

Contact us for options and solutions for your specific requirements and needs. 

Perfo profile

Metal tube, available as standard in size 40x40x2mm.

Larger sizes are available upon request.
The unique hole pattern gives every 40mm a connection option.
The holes can also be minimized for a smooth look.
Available as standard in Magnelis, stainless steel and steel materials.
Coating and finish of your choice possible.

Connecting block

The Connection Block allows the Perfo profiles to be very strong reusable with each other. The Connectblock has at each face with an M10 connection option.

Available as standard in Galvanized steel and stainless steel

Connecting nut

The Connecting Nut can be inserted into the hexagonal holes of the Perfo Profile. It provides an M10 connection option on 2 sides for such things as Mounting brackets and accessories or to connect Perfo profiles against each other.

Mounting brackets and accessories

A wide range of accessories and brackets are available. Examples include solutions for hoisting, panel mounting, wheels, levelling legs and all kinds of mounting plates.

For very high load situations, reinforcement brackets can be used.

Custom parts are available upon request.


Perfoframe allows users to build modular steel frames that can be linked, modified and expanded to suit different needs.

High load capacity

The Perfoframe system is designed to be strong, safe and reliable. The sturdy joints and tubes make it heavy duty.


The ability to reuse parts and frames adds to sustainability and is cost effective.


Using our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we can customize parts to your requirements or develop parts and systems especially new for you.


Due to the many ways of connecting, accessories and customization options, Perfoframe is extremely flexible in use and application.

Ease of use

Thanks to its innovative design, anyone who can tighten a bolt can easily make a structure with Perfoframe.


Perfoframe is suitable for both Industrial construction, design and interior applications.

Compared to Topclamp, Perfoframe is stronger and more economical. From Topclamp, the workmanship is of a higher standard.

Benefits of Perfoframe

Using the innovative Perfoframe system brings a plethora of benefits to your building and construction projects. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

Relative to Alternative Building Systems

Compared to steel/ stainless steel welding

Relative to Alternative Building Systems

Compared to steel/ stainless steel welding

Innovate with Perfoframe
Quick Assembly

Each component of our system is carefully designed to fit together seamlessly, making assembly quick, easy and effortless. Our goal is to minimize construction time without sacrificing quality or stability.

Strong Construction

The Perfo profiles and joining components are heavy duty for Industrial strength.

With reinforcement brackets, structures can be made even sturdier, depending on the requirements of the application.

Every angle possible

Because of the many ways of connecting and the many accessories, there are several ways to connect profiles at an angle to your liking.

Accessories Possibilities

At Perfoframe, we believe that the success of a construction project lies in the details. Therefore, we offer a wide range of accessories to help you personalize and optimize your constructions.

Ready for innovation?

Increase efficiency and improve the productivity of your projects with our advanced Perfoframe system.

Size and material

As standard, the Perfoframe system is supplied with 40x40x2mm tubes.

Larger sizes, rectangular tubes and combinations are available upon request.

Perfoframe is available in the following materials:

Magnelis: new revolutionary material

Perfoframe is available as standard in S390GD+ZM310 Magnelis steel grade.

This is an extra strong and steel with a 25 mircon thick self-healing Magnelis protective layer on two sides.

This type of steel makes Perfoframe approximately 1.7x stronger than standard steel tubes available in the market.

The protective coating consists of 93.5% zinc, 3.5% aluminum and 3% magnesium.

The self-healing property means that when the surface of the material is sawn, cut or damaged, the magnesium in the material reacts with surrounding atmospheric elements, such as oxygen and water, to form a protective layer on the cut edges or damaged areas.

This protective layer acts as a kind of barrier against further corrosion and helps to protect the material from rusting.

This material is 10 times more resistant to corrosion than regular galvanized steel.

This makes it ideal for use in industrial, agricultural, construction and civil engineering applications, among others, where good corrosion resistance in highly aggressive environments (e.g., chloride or highly alkaline conditions) is required.

More information on ArcelorMittal’s Magnelis metallic cladding can be found here.

Custom Perfoframe

Discover the endless possibilities of Perfoframe – a revolutionary system that can be fully customized for all your needs! With Perfoframe, we can offer you a unique solution that perfectly suits your specific requirements and needs.

Custom accessories

In addition to our standard accessories, we can also customize any accessory for you.

Custom profile

Each of our profiles can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.


Finishing options that perfectly fit your specific needs and style.

Minimal perforation

The holes in the profiles can also be omitted where they are not needed for connection.

Holes, slots, and/or shapes as desired are also available upon request.

Bolts and any brackets can be coated with the profiles in the same color.

Mitre joints are also among the options for a smooth finish.

Contact us directly for a free quote with technical drawing.

Accessories and Accessories

Our accessories and accessories are specially designed to integrate seamlessly with Perfoframe profiles, giving you a complete and optimized building solution. Using Perfoframe profiles as a basis, we offer a comprehensive range of complementary products that take your building system to the next level.



Perfoframe offers a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. With its innovative design and durable materials, Perfoframe is ideal for various industries and projects. From industrial environments to architectural structures.

Wondering what we can do for you?

Perfoframe offers the ideal solution for industrial applications. With its modular and flexible design, industrial structures such as work tables, storage racks and transport trucks can be easily assembled.

In the challenging environment of the offshore industry, Perfoframe offers a reliable and versatile construction solution. From safety barriers to temporary platforms, Perfoframe’s modularity allows quick and easy adaptation to the specific requirements of offshore operations.

For installation technology, Perfoframe offers a practical and cost-effective solution. The system can be used to build custom racks, cable trays and mounting walls, making the installation of electrical and mechanical components quick and streamlined.

Perfoframe is the ideal partner for interior design and booth construction. It offers a modular system that allows for creative and functional interior designs. Whether it is exhibition stands, store interiors or trade show design.

For mechanical engineering, Perfoframe provides a solid foundation for building custom machine frames and enclosures. Modularity makes it possible to design and build machines that can be easily modified or expanded. With Perfoframe, machine builders can realize innovative solutions and respond to changing industry requirements.

With its robust and versatile frames, workbenches, storage racks and workstations can be easily constructed. Perfoframe’s modular design allows frames to be customized to the specific needs of the workshop, regardless of size or layout.

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