What is Perfoframe

Welcome to
Perfoframe, the pioneer in innovation and
building technology advances in the field of modular steel frames.

With Perfoframe you can build very strong modular steel frames in no time that are not only impressive, but also completely reusable. Due to its unique perforation holes in the tubes that change shape, it is possible in a versatile way to build all types of structures easily and strongly and all possible components to it add. This perforation and construction method allow for subsequent modifications, expansion and additions. perfoframe thus allows you to quickly and efficiently construct frames that meet your specific needs.

Whether for industrial applications, commercial projects or creative constructions, Perfoframe offers the flexibility and durability you are looking for.

Who are we?

As a proud part of Dutch Innovation Systems, we are dedicated to creating breakthrough solutions in the field of frame coupling systems.

Consult our team to find a faster, better and cheaper solution for your frame construction needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is all about changing the way we build in the future. We want to introduce progressive new ideas within the industry. At Perfoframe, we believe that by using new technologies we can not only overcome the limitations of traditional construction methods, but also help create building systems that promote sustainability and efficiency.

At Perfoframe, we work with a team of enthusiastic professionals to make every project a success. With our years of experience, we create seamless collaborations where innovation is key.